The orb has met its bounds,

but what’s left is beautiful-

streaks of orange

fading to a golden hue

mixed with periwinkle…

I look out of my shrunken

square window

past the wing tips

up to where the dark has swallowed up

the light.

We are above the sun



Heading towards dreams that are sure

to be more perfect

in my mind.


My foggy brain follows me

to London.

Floating cotton fields,

like a calming blanket lazed

over the world.

White fluffy candy rolled out

like roads and grass and


from an imaginary place I visited

long ago.

Rolling and rolling until

the sizzled orange halts them.

* * * * * * * * * *

The childlike puffs have

transformed themselves into hungry grey beasts.

How can something that seemed so serene

moments before

change into something so haunting?


My foggy brain follows me

to London.


A waking sleep ensues…

until a ghost


in my ear and I stir

facing my small window

to the world.

It occurs to me that we are

chasing the sun-

that the sun never truly sets.


It only moves on.

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