What a year.

It may not have been a year of physical travel, but it was a year of writing, planning, and parenting, which has been even more amazing. I feel like I have traveled to another realm of my life.

This was a year of:

Writing Life

Joining an amazing writing group (shout out to my fellow Scribes!)

32 new pieces written

14 books read

4 publication acceptances

A 1st and a 2nd place win in my heat during NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge



First steps

First birthday

First tea parties with stuffed animals (this happened today<3)

And so many other amazing, wonderful moments that words can’t do justice


Moving forward in my literacy specialist career

Paying off debt and in turn funding future goals

Organizing a 2018 trip to Ireland

Yes, Journeyers.

We are planning a trip to Ireland at the end of March with our toddler. Maybe we are crazy. Maybe we are unrealistic. Or maybe we are just globetrotters that want our daughter to get the travel bug, love riding on planes, and enjoy adventuring in new places. Or maybe it’s a little bit of all of these things.

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned on posts about planning for international travel with a toddler.

Then, in March, stay tuned for posts about the realities of traveling with a toddler 😉

I’ve come a long way from my “let’s strictly plan everything out” days, because let’s face it, that’s not realistic, especially when factoring in kiddos. But some planning is always a must.

Hope your 2017 was filled with adventures both at home and abroad and that 2018 will do you one better!

 Did you travel during 2017 or go through some big life changes? Share a story below!

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